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Clock Water Softeners

Drain Line Connection Kit
Price:  $40.00


A drain line connection kit is available to easily connect a water softener or backwashing filter drain to a PVC sanitary sewage line. The kit includes a PVC saddle tee that attaches to a 3" PVC drain pipe, 20 feet of tubing, a P-trap, & air-gap fitting. All you will need for a professional finish to your installation! The Drain Line Connection kit is only available when purchased along with a water softener or backwashing filter.
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Kit Includes:

-> 3" x 2" PVC saddle tee with stainless steel mounting hardware for connection to a 3" diameter PVC drain.
-> 2" x 1.5" reducing bushing
-> 1.5" PVC P-Trap
-> 20 foot of 1/2" ID x 5/8" OD polyethylene tubing
-> 1.5" air-gap fitting with barbed connection for 1/2" ID tubing

Note: You will require a length of 1.5" PVC piping to complete the drain line connection between the provided reducing bushing and P-Trap. We recommend that a stainless hose clamp is used to attach tubing to the air-gap fitting. PVC components are glued together using commonly available PVC cement. Meet all local plumbing codes when installing drain.


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