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Zeolite Water Filter

1.5 Cubic Foot Zeolite Filter
Price:  $640.00
Pipe Connections: 
Tank Jacket: 


Our new 1.5 cubic foot Zeolite based filter uses a light weight filter media called Zeolite , that can remove sediment, turbidity (cloudiness), and red water iron! Zeolite is a very high efficiency filter media, able to remove visible contaminants down to 5 microns in diameter from your water supply. The automatic backwash feature provides many years of trouble free filtration. CAI automatic backwashing Zeolite filters use the new high-flow Autotrol 263 "Performa" valve with a timer-based 740F control. The 740F controls the backwash cycle assuring dependability and high efficiency. The media tank, manufactured by Structural, is poly lined, fiberglass reinforced and supplied in an off-white color. The required quantity of high quality Zeolite filtering media is included, along with a system by-pass valve.

Shipping is free!


By-pass valve - This is a connection to your water supply that allows you to take your system out-of-service. Used when you are away for an extended time, or if service is required to the unit. Included!

Zeolite Media - Zeolite Media is a naturally occurring filter material that efficiently filters down to 5 microns! The media is excellent for removal of suspended solids like iron, manganese, and will reduce the turbidity in your water. Zeolite media is light-weight, and easily backwashed at lower flow rates when compared to other sediment removal systems. Our Zeolite system includes a gravel underbed for proper distribution of water throughout the filter bed. Zeolite is tested and approved by the Water Quality Association, and will provide years to trouble-free filtering of your water! Included!

High Flow Riser & Backwash - Our Zeolite filter systems use a high flow 1.05" distributor with a gravel underbed to ensure effective performance, and proper distribution of flow throughout the bed. The Autotrol control valve automatically delivers the high backwash rate required for proper cleaning and reclassification of the filter bed. Included!

Free Shipping - All standard CAI Technologies products are shipped direct to your door at no additional charge. Included!

Comprehensive Customer Service & Support - Free Lifetime Technical Support, 24 Hour - 7 Day Toll Free Technical Service, 30 Day "In Service" Return Policy, 120 Day Product Return Policy, Advance Replacement Service, Full Warranty Service & Manufacturer Warranty Coverage, Multiple Warehouse Locations & Long Established Business. Visit our Online Store Details page for more information.


Our standard Zeolite filter systems are configured with many upgraded features, but you can add additional options as described below. Visit the Automatic Backwashing Filter Information page to learn more about this product.

Pipe Connections - Pipe connections are available in 3/4" or 1", in both copper and PVC - please select the connection that best suits your application. Free!

Insulating Tank Jacket - Tank jackets are available that add a designer look to your filter. Jackets also provide insulation, and prevent “sweating” in damp locations. Tank jackets must be used when installing a filter out-of-doors. Jackets are single piece in almond – not available for 2 cubic foot sized filter. Additional $30

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